Ford sync 2 update

Ford sync 2 update

After a lot of searching, reading and translating, I came across direct links to Ford servers hosting the official EU upgrade files for Sync 2. That turned out to be Language Pack 5. I have read that you may need a minimum of the F4 SD card or newer, however everyone with Sync 2 in the EU should have F4 following the recall if you have Nav fitted.

Here is the full list of the Oct 15 update, if you are not from the UK, but another EU country, you need to make sure you download the correct language pack to include the language you want to be able to speak and have spoken to the car in:.

Plug the USB in and it should auto detect the update files, then just follow the on screen instructions. You need to give yourself at least 30 mins for the update to install, in that time you can drive the car, but remember that anything normally displayed on the screen will not be available rear view cam, sensor distance, etc.

Big thanks to this post on focus fanatics for the url and available files. But only listed changes I have seen are siri eyes free support and auto reconnect for phone pairing.

I see that the extracted files still show zip archives, do I need to extract any further files or just the 3 base folders? Just extract the main zip file the car does the rest. You should have two files and a syncmyride folder on the root of your USB.

Doesn't matter if other stuff is present. It just reads the autoinstall file and that tells the car which files to use from the syncmyride folder.

Just might be a bit smoother in places and it will now reconnect your phone automatically if it gets disconnected. How often do updates come out. It depends when yours was built. Ford release small bug fixes all the time but we can only download the major releases from what I can see. Thank you. Thank you Alex for your reply.

ford sync 2 update

I went to the vehicle - vehicle lookup entered my VIN no. Because i really have no info about the recall due to the F3 navi cards in Slovakia.

It basically means only what versions of maps do i have - the bigger number the newer maps. On the left hand side of the vehicle summary page there should be a box which says outstanding field service actions.

Hi there, do you know if this update will stop my ' battery saver- shutting down' problem? Got the car on Thursday and this started on Sunday night. I wouldn't think so. You might just need to do some long journeys to get the battery charged up. Has the car been sat around a bit since it was built? Otherwise you'll need to take it back to the dealer to have the battery checked. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.Custom Search.

No need to download the functionnal but tweaked russian version anymore! I had the v3. It took about 22 minutes to do. Please note that when the installation finished, a report is stating the the 3.

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This is a typo, looking in the setting menu, it's really the 3. I didn't had time to test the newer version yet so I can't tell much about it. Just did the update last night, it is indeed 3. I did take awhile to update as well, but I don't see any changes in functionality or otherwise TBH. Only time will I guess? Are you guys formatting the flash drive to exfat? My SanDisk extreme flash drive isn't even being recognized to start the update. What's the trick to get it going, just the basics.

Plug and wait did not work. Be sure to keep your engine running not in accessory mode throughout the entire installation process. Turning off your vehicle during the update installation will disrupt the process. If your vehicle is equipped with the Intelligent Access with Push Button Start feature, you will need to temporarily disable the Automatic Engine Idle Shutdown AEIS component before beginning the installation in order to prevent your vehicle from timing out and shutting off the engine before the software update is complete.

To disable this feature, use your steering wheel controls to navigate to the Settings menu on your left-hand Instrument Cluster LCD display. If you do not see this setting, there is no need to make any changes before starting the update.

Alternatively, after initiating the installation, you may drive the vehicle during the update process to avoid shutting off the engine. This is normal. I updated to 3. And as the first post says, when you are complete, it says 3. However, when you report the update to Ford and review your history, it does say it is 3. I haven't been able to successfully do this yet. The downloading process won't even begin on my Firefox browser it just spins and when I use my Edge browser it looks like it works, but eventually gives me the message that the file won't download.

There ends up being a zipped folder on my desktop that is empty. Tried it multiple times. What's even more frustrating is the first thing Ford's instruction page tells you after it let's you know you have an update to download is to do a Vehicle Health Report. It even states why that is so important, but they've discontinued their service. How is it that I know that, but the person in charge of web content for Ford doesn't know that.

I just gave up and no longer care. I've gotten the black screen of death more in the last year than I ever have in the seven years I've owned this car. I'm sure my APIM is about to die. Has anyone had trouble uploading the completed update file to ford, the update itself was successful. I have tried Chrome and IE with no success. I have successfully downloaded and installed V3. I have a Edge Sport and need a new phone but would like to get a phone that would be compatible with Sync2.

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ford sync 2 update

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Update Your SYNC System

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This should now have produced a new log file Return to your PC and complete your update by uploading the log file onto the Ford website. Follow Ford.Test Drive. Body Equipment Manuals. Recall and Service Action Lookup. Log In. My Vehicle Status. Sign Up. You can download the latest software updates at no charge from the Owner site.

Request successful window will pop up, if not, go back to Slide 1 and Request Download again. We will send a notification to your email address when the package is ready to download.

Note: Please do not download this file directly to your USB drive! TIP : If you did not specify a location for this in Step 3, check for the. The file may have been saved to one of those folders by default.

Get in touch with an official Ford representative. Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear.

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SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 Upgrade - 2013 - 2016 Ford Fusion

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Can I upgrade my older SYNC system to SYNC 3?

Approved Used Cars. Approved Used Vans. Ford Asset Protection. Commercial Vehicle Financing. Manage Your Account. Download Your Manual. SYNC 2 comes with loads of excellent features designed to make your in car connected experience even more useful and easy to use. Seamlessly transition between the colour touch screen or voice commands to search and call Michelin rated places of interest en route, change your music or climate settings, make and take phone calls and more.

Latest SYNC 2 Software?

Learn more about key features below or find out more within your owner manual. How to pair a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone Pairing is what allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to communicate with each other securely.

Ecological route option to show the most fuel efficient route. It avoids congested highways, while maximizing the use of major roads where the driver can maintain an efficient rate of speed.

Home can be set to a specific address or as the nearest junction to ensure privacy. First, make sure the vehicle is parked. The touch screen can be used to set a destination in a variety of ways, for example by a street address, a town centre or a Place of Interest POI.

The easiest way is by voice:. For each step junction, place of interest, street addressa list of available voice commands that are relevant to that particular step will appear on the screen.

Note: For entering an address you can either use town input or postcode input. Pressing the town button allows you to switch between town and postcode input. Set as waypoint allows extra addresses to be added to the journey so that they can be visited on the way to the destination.

The order in which they should be visited can then be set and the new route calculated.

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A maximum of 5 waypoints, on the way to a destination can be set. Save a favourite will add an address to the favourites list so that it can be accessed quickly in future.

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This function is not available by voice control. Covering the red and green guides from Michelin for the whole of Europe Information can be accessed about hotel, restaurant and sightseeing reviews, business profiles with photos, opening times, and cards accepted etc. The navigation menu provides access to the Navigation settings and Traffic information, in addition to the Guidance mute option.

This may take a few seconds, but if the player holds thousands of songs, indexing may take longer to complete. Owners can listen to the full selection of music stored on their phones or other devices by connecting them to Ford SYNC 2, using one of the methods discussed in this section.Forums New Posts Trending. Gallery New Media New Comments. Contact Us. Log In Register. What's New Night Mode.

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Thread starter rzracer Start date Jun 8, Jun 8, Messages 10 Likes 1 Location Daytona Beach. I couldn't stream BT audio from either of my Android phones, only an iPhone. Opened a chat with Ford after reading about at least there being a ver 3. I finially found a download of Gen2v38buildupdatepackageNARev1. At first it was freezing but after a master reset it seems to be working fine for a couple days now and my Android issue is fixed. Since then I found the same file but it's rev2 and only slightly different in file size.

Does anyone now either the latest SYNC 2 release rev2?

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It seems stable now so I'm hesitant to flash unless I have a problem or someone knows what the difference is. TIA for any insight. In for information.

ford sync 2 update

I'm curious too. I remember when v3.